Arturo Filastò

I am a free software developer interested in the world.

Over the last years I have been building tools to support digital rights, improve our understanding of how the internet works (or how it doesn't work at times), tell secrets safely and to have privacy online.




In 2011 I co-founded a project with the aim of understanding network interference, including internet censorship. The Open Observatory of Network Interference (, known as OONI, was born and I have since been leading its development.

OONI is a free software project that enables anyone around the world to test their network and to collect data examining various forms of internet censorship, including the following:

Hundreds of users around the world run ooniprobe daily and millions of network measurements have been collected (and published) from more than 100 countries.

OONI has a large community of volunteers who contribute to the project through software development, deployment, and advocacy around the world.

One of OONI’s research papers can be found here.


In 2012 I co-founded the Hermes Centre for Digital Human Rights and have since served as its Vice President.

GlobaLeaks, a core project under the Hermes Centre, is the first open source whistleblowing platform that enables groups and individuals to report on corruption, human rights violations, and other injustices in a secure way.

I worked as the core developer of GlobaLeaks for several years and helped it reach large audiences worldwide.


Radio 3 Scienza

Conductor in a radio show talking about cyberspace.